Venetian Blind Instructions

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  • windowVenetian Blinds Installation Instructions

    Step 1.

    Fitting the Blind in the Outside recess

    When fitting the blind outside the recess measurement C needs to be the same to ensure that the blind fits in the centre of the window. To work out the width of C simply subtract B from A and divide by 2. For fitting the blind you will need to follow the instructions for face fitting.

    Fitting the blind in the inside recess

    There are two ways you can fix the blind, this is either "Face Fix" or "Side Fix." Face fix, is when you fit the brackets to the window frame. Top fix, is when you fit the brackets to the Lintel at the top of the window. This is useful if there is any obstructions for example window handles.

    Step 2 -

    Place the blind in the fitting position and tilt the blind forward you will now be able to see the ladder controls. When fitting the blind you will need at leaast a 5cm gap away from the ladder.

    where to fit brackets

    Step 3 - Fixing the blind

    - Top fixing

    Look at the window and look for obstacles, for example protuding window handles. Mark this measurement on the lintel then add an extra 1cm away from the window handles to make sure the blind easily misses the obstacles when lowered, this is shown on the diagram as size A. This mark on the lintel is where you need to position the back of the bracket. Mark the position of holes "B" and screw the braket to the lintel using screws and rawl plugs.

    how to fix brackets

    - Face fixing

    Position the bracket with the swing arm, swung out 90 degrees facing towards you, and mark holes "B." Screw brackets in place, use rawl plugs if fitting to masonary.

    swing arm

    securing venetian blindStep 4 - Fitting the venetian blind to the brackets. final touches

    Push swing arm anticlockwise as far as it will go (about 90 degrees.) Now clip the blind over the bracket, first easing the front lip of the headrail A into position.


    Step 5 - Securing Venetian blind

    Once the venetain blind has clipped into position, push swing arm clockwise until it locks into place, firmly holding the blind headrail. Once the swing arm has closed the blind will firmly be in position.

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