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  • Geek Proves That Love Certainly Isn't Blind

    If there’s one thing we’ve learnt after years in the window coverings industry it’s that inside scoops on news stories don’t often come our way. So imagine our delight when we became involved in one of the strangest stories we’ve known of in a long time, alongside photographic evidence to back it up. Please note, the customer’s name has been changed as requested.

    Quite often at Nets2go we receive enquiries for custom-made blinds and curtains, designs ranging from flower patterned nets right through to Elvis covered blinds, however a couple of months ago one particular request immediately got the whole office talking at a previously unseen level.

    “So… sorry, you’ll have to run that by me again Mr Schofield. I don’t think I caught it all”

    “Ok. So basically I have 9 windows, all needing wooden blinds. On each of those blinds I’d like you to print, paint, or whatever it is you do, a different logo”

    “And these logos all belong to websites? Is that correct?”

    “Exactly. I can email them all to you now if that helps”

    So he did. As soon as the email came through, the office (the majority of whom obviously spend far too much time on the internet) erupted in a wave of confused laughter. Why? We’ll let you look at the results below. These are genuine photographs of completed blinds, custom made by ourselves, installed in the very satisfied customer’s house. We took the photos, as we always do with any of our unique designs, with Mr Schofield’s permission, something we also seeked before printing this very story on our site. The sting in the story’s tail? 2 weeks after the blinds were delivered, Mr Schofield regrettably separated from his wife.

    “It was coming anyway”, Mr Schofield told us, “but my design choice for the blinds was pretty much the nail in the coffin. She doesn’t understand the intense geek in me. And anyway, the only one she’d even heard of was Youtube”- For pictures of the individual social network blinds Click Below:

    Digg Venetian Blinds  with  Digg Logo

    You Tube Custom Made Blinds

    Stumbleupon Blinds

    facebook Blinds

    Wordpress Theme Blinds

    Mixx White venetian Blinds

    Google Made to measure Blinds

    Flickr White venetian blinds

    Fire Fox Stunning logo on wood blinds

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